EZ Health Care (EZ) provides the absolute most effective way to provide assistance in the detoxing injured workers from opioids and other substances. EZ not only provides a national network of detox and substance abuse treatment facilities, but also provides oversight to ensure injured workers receive the most appropriate care and best overall outcome. Only EZ Health Care follows the patient after discharge, ensuring success through intense and personalized follow up and aftercare.

  • stacey

    Stacey Whidden CEO

  • Former Founder and CEO of:
    Access on Time (National Transportation & Interpretation Company for Workers Compensation)
    Express Dental Care (National Dental Network for Workers Compensation)

    Stacey is a Tampa native and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Central Florida. Stacey has worked in the Healthcare and Workers Compensation Industries for 20+ years. As a successful female entrepreneur, Stacey has a passion for creating unique niche programs that provide a service for a need in the Workers Comp industry. Stacey has served on several advisory committees and boards throughout her career.

    I’ve always been a creative person who enjoys making things from scratch. I didn’t always know I was going to be an entrepreneur. But in my first job working for a healthcare company after college, I realized I was really good at developing things and leading people. I started my first business because I learned there were so many opportunities in healthcare and insurance to do things better.